Thought’s alone…

Too many thoughts race through my mind.  Am I ever going to be successful when the shackles that hold me, claim to love me and won’t let me finally stand by me.  They doubt me, they don’t trust me, they keep me pinned like a snail under one’s foot.  I wish I could have the support and they claim they are giving it.  The support I am given is what they allow or care to give and not what I am needing.  I am breaking inside.  I am tried of saying I am tired.  I am fed up with saying I am fed up.  I am exhausted with the feeling of exhaustion.  I wish it was easier and yet they feel a challenge will make you stronger.  I believe I will never do anything ample to anyone but myself.  Is myself worthy enough for even that?  Is myself going to settle again?  Is myself destine for nothing since nothing is equal to myself.  Only time will tell.  I hope for something out of nothing yet I feel that won’t ever happen.

My dreams have become that… a dream.  My nightmare are becoming the dreams I so wanted in life.  I am facing reality.


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