Music by M is generally Experimental House/Techno/Trans/EURO/New Wave/New Age/Gothic House/Diva House/Dance/Crossover music. Mixing rhymes with Poetry a.k.a (POETRY IN MOTION). Every song has some form of deep message or meaning. A song to make you think. Words that marry the beat. Beats that ride the words. M. started in the early days of Freestyle Music. He has written and worked for many well known artists of that era include Amoretto (La Duka) a.k.a. Jessica Lopez, Producers Tony Fuzzell and Boogie Johnson. He has also worked with influences such as Eddie Figeroa of Ashford & Simpson on a demo track called Young Butterfly. In M.’s early days he enjoyed the musical influence of Chrissy I-eece and the crew at the now defunct SOB Salsa Enterprises Master Recording Studio. M.’s influences are Boy George, Prince, Pet Shop Boys, La India, Martha Wash, Sylvester and Todd Terry.

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